Recover Emails from Outlook

Outlook is a must for those who are into business, in IT sectors etc. Outlook uses personal folders that can be utilized to store important information related to emails, tasks, notes etc. You can use calendars, schedulers, RSS feeds and many other features that are quite useful for business interaction. You can access all your Outlook items only if your personal folder or PST file is free from corruption. If the file is corrupt then you will not be able to access any information from your Outlook. Your Outlook will refuse to open your mailbox due to corruption of your PST file header. If you do not know how to restore emails from Outlook easily, make use of this ttol. It becomes necessary to repair Microsoft Outlook PST file for Outlook email recovery.

If you are using Outlook of version 2000 then you must make sure that the PST file size is not exceeding 2GB. If it is exceeding the limit then you will have to lose all your information on Outlook such as emails due to PST file corruption. PST file corruption is the major cause for inaccessibility of Outlook emails or any other Outlook attribute. Thus in order to get back the access to your emails or notes etc. what you need is a reliable Outlook Email Recovery engine that can repair your corrupt PST and then recover emails in Outlook 2003 mailbox. So you can free Outlook PST from corruption and retrieve Outlook file with the help of repair Outlook files software. To know more about the software and how to restore emails from Outlook click here.

Under what conditions recover Outlook files can be used?

PST file corruption can take place due to several reasons. Let us know those reasons and also let us see under what situations recover Outlook files finds it’s application.

  • PST file header corruption - If PST file header is corrupt then the entire PST file gets corrupt and thus Outlook emails or notes or calendar items etc. cannot be accessed. But do not get panic about how to restore emails from Outlook because this application will help you.
  • Defragmentation - In order to defragment PST files Microsoft outlook users usually run the compact command. This command will remove all the deleted messages from PST file and due to compaction process the PST file gets corrupt due to which Outlook emails or other attributes become inaccessible. Then to recover emails from Outlook, use this software immediately.
  • Network connection failure - When a PST file is used over a network connection if the connection fails or degrades then PST file gets corrupt and hence you will lose access to all your emails on Outlook.

PST is always prone to corruption due to some or the other reason. Thus a solution to this problem is Outlook email recovery tool which can help you retrieve Microsoft Outlook contacts which become inaccessible due to PST file corruption. Recover Outlook files is the best tool to recover emails, contacts or journals which cannot be accessed due to exceeding size of PST file. It is easy to recover PST file which is highly encrypted by using recover Outlook files. This tool supports recovery of emails, notes, tasks, calendar items and many other features of Outlook from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. Recover Outlook files works well even if you have lost all your Outlook items due to accidental deletion, emptying deleted items folder etc. Thus you can make use of this application to recover emails from Outlook 2010 or any other MS Outlook version. Now let us see how to perform Outlook email recovery. To know how to rescue deleted items from Outlook 2010 you can visit

Few Easy Steps to Recover emails from Outlook:

Safely recover all your emails lost from PST using recover Outlook files

Step 1:Download and then install Outlook Email Recovery tool in your system. Once you install the software you will see three main options in the main screen such as "Open PST File", "Find PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile". Select any of the three which depends on the requirement.

Outlook Email Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now if your PST file is severely corrupted then you must click on "Smart Scan" or else you can choose "Normal Scan" option. On selecting any one of these two finally you should click on "Repair" option to begin the repair process.

Outlook Email Recovery - Select Destination Path

Figure 2: Select Destination Path

Step 3: As soon as repair process is over you will be able to view the recovered emails, contacts and other Outlook attributes in Outlook style browser view.

Outlook Email Recovery - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Data

Step 4: Then you can purchase this application if you are satisfied with the performance of it.


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